A symbol for GRACE

When the Global Resource for Cancer Education came to us they had outgrown their old information systems and aesthetics. Through a rebrand and digital platform we were able to position them as the powerful, helpful, credible resource they are.  


Clarity for an all-American brand

A unique husband and wife team came to me for a brand that would better connect them to a hip, fashion conscious market. 


The next generation of I.V. technology

A new brand communicating simplicity and efficiency.


It's about progress

Near Zero is a non-profit organization founded to increase the frequency and value of dialogue between energy experts and those who make and influence energy-related decisions in government and business. Near Zero initiates, moderates and synthesizes transparent online discussions among the foremost experts from industry and academia. 


A career in communication

Specializing in the development of sales professionals and leaders in healthcare. 


100% connected 100% of the time

ViSi Mobile is a wearable device worn around the wrist which allows doctors and nurses to stay connected at all times. This tool allows them to improve care and prevent loss. 


Welcome to the agrihood

As it turns out, plants aren't the only things that thrive in a community garden. People and culture also grow there too. This identity was recently created to represent a series of places in communities around the country.  


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