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Anaheim is a historic Southern California city founded by German immigrants and known throughout much of its history as a place for growing and brewing. Recently its become known as the host city of many major attractions including Disneyland, Angel Stadium and Honda Center. 

Anaheim’s cultural roots live within a vibrant district that includes boutique shopping, dining, entertainment and alternative places to work and call home. It’s the cool, walkable eclectic village that Anaheim, Orange County, and nearby urbanistas have been waiting for. 

But nobody knows about it.

We want new shoppers. We want new diners. We want new event goers. We want new residents. We want new businesses. We want new development partners. I created a website and ad campaign to reach out, intrigue, invite and recruit all kinds of people to invest their time, energy and resources in this cool, emergent place and scene.

We're in the process of developing the full web experience now, but the live splash page is available to view here: CtrCityAnaheim.com.  



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